Quincy is a subscription drink service that works for both patrons and bars.

We decided early on that we wanted a personified brand with a human name, and Quincy just had the right ring to it. I created a custom rounded-serif wordmark that felt warm and inviting. A "glass half-filled" became a reoccuring motif that was applied to the main mark and icons.

The user journey was straight forward: go to a partner bar, redeem a free drink, and kick off your night. We could utilize the user's location to confirm they were checking into the right bar.

Subtle Flair

I wanted to take a table cell view that is so common among food review apps and add some subtle flare to it. It was really fun prototyping transitions between views and collaborating with the developer to make them it a reality.

Interaction Variation

Facebook Paper had just come out and I wanted to mess around with some of the modulated effects in that app. Even though it was Here's a version of the bar browser that incorporated a map view and tile cards for each location.